Why is Edison relevant today?
  Pick up a cell phone and you are carrying Edison around with you. Three of his four greatest inventions/industries are right there …recorded sound, motion pictures, and when the phone gets tired, you plug it in to re-charge in the electric utility industry Edison established back in 1882. His fourth great invention was team-based R&D new product development laboratories to create and innovate at will. Every major company today has an R&D lab or access to them. These labs are commercial birthing stations for tomorrow’s new products/services.

   Life magazine proclaimed Edison as the "Man of the Millennium", giving society more practical value than any other living human. In 2010, TIME magazine dedicated its mid-year cover to him and his continuing relevance in our world. The Voice of America in 2012 proclaimed that thanks to Edison’s labs and their outpouring of new products and inventions, Edison is probably responsible today for one-fourth of all the world’s jobs. Edison has been dead for many years, yet his impact on the world is still felt strongly today. His inventive genius is responsible for 10% of the American economy, about $1.5 trillion dollars annually.

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